Big Boi Pants: An introduction to the first collection


Unfortunately, the tickets to western Europe were a little too steep last year, so I decided to have my spiritual awakening right here. I searched for a tree to sit under before realizing that a modern-day spiritual awakening called for a modern-day solution, Starbucks. I got served a caramel macchiato instead of my usual americano (thanks a lot) but I understand the path to spiritual awakening can never be easy. Like most millennials, I learnt life lessons the hard way, like credit cards have to eventually be paid off and that mirrors can make you look slim if you stop eating. Most importantly I learnt that a nice ass can only take you so far and that there's nothing sexier then fiscal responsibility ."Big boi Pants", is my first step into bills, responsibilities and eye bags and I can't wait.

Free lunch. A hoax? Yay or nah


As I celebrate the momentous occasion of FINALLY launching HOGWASH, I can't help but think of certain things I'm possibly never going to experience. I'm fully aware that "there is no such thing as a free lunch" but I've seen multiple companies hand free lunch and SNACKS to their employees. Now, I'm not here to question any "corporate agendas" but I would like to have some free lunch once in a while. Every time I crave for a nice sandwich or a bag of chips, I have to physically go out and buy it. What is even worse is I've turned into some sort of a "lunch giver" and I'm feeling drawn to handing out these free lunches to all the beautiful people who have helped me launch HOGWASH. Ughh

The beginning or the end ? (#1)


Ah a fashion blog. How innovative. Is this the beginning or the end? If you said "the end" then your mum might have dropped you a couple times as a baby but you live and you learn. If you said "the beginning" then ah looks like you had a well rounded liberal arts education and you're a functioning member of society. If you didn't answer at all then I'm not sure you understand how this works and yes, this is pretty stupid.
I think this useless first blog follows the general ethos of the brand so it's all good so don't you dare rat me out to my boss.
Anyway, the point of these blogs is give the brand a voice, include some fashion advice for the week, talk about collaborations and future projects, styling tips, life, your mom that sort of a thing. We promise to deliver subpar posts every week ish! Sign up for our news letter when we get one lol.
-Ritika Srivastava

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