Hogwash? Who dis

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Unless I was willing to sell my kidney, the clothes and shoes I had access to just didn't seem fashionable enough. I don't know if it's just me or if you guys feel the same way but everybody is starting to look the same and I'm not saying this in a "ohh we're all becoming so racially ambiguous, do you think the concept of race will become fluid and pave way for greater tolerance, acceptance and dare I say societal harmony ? " sort of way . I'm saying this in a " Holy shit I can't tell the difference between my friends anymore " kind of way. Anyway, I digress, the point is I wanted to start Hogwash so that I could make things you could:
1)Personalize - Because we aren't as basic as we think we are.
2)Create Innovative products- Because why not.
In short, I want to mass customize innovative fashion products.
This is just the start and I'm excited to see where this goes. Also, I have this entire page to fill up but very little left to say, so if you can just pretend to scroll down till the end and nod it'll be nice.